Small Things can Make a Big Difference

Nobody likes to put money into a home that is to be sold soon, however, it usually pays to make FengShui adjustments that do not cost much but make a big difference. Below are some helpful FengShui tips to get you started. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

             FRONT ENTRANCE

Sweep sidewalk - Paint or re-varnish front door - Polish doorknob - Shake out doormat - Water container flowers (color RED and  Purple are the best choice) or plants  - inspect porch lights - Keep the lawn and landscaping trimmed - The front entrance is key to making a good first impression, and this impression sets the tone for the rest of the showing.




      Show off counter space(remove extra items such as phones, baskets, toaster, blender and knife blocks) - Stow away kitchen sponge, dish soap and towels - Put a bowl of fresh fruit- Open windows or run fan to remove cooking odors- Add color RED (fresh flower,fruits or towel) on countertop - FengShui philosophy considers the kitchen to be the most important room in the house!



Remake all beds with white sheets and pillowcases if you have them.

Buy luxe, fluffy towels in WHITE. It'll help give the bathrooms more of a ZEN style.





  Removal of all photos, books and excess clutter - Put the absolute    minimum number of pictures on wall - Remove excess furniture, and make the space as open and inviting as possible-add color RED (cushion pillow  or flower) to enliven in the seating area