What does the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui have to do with real estate?
Feng Shui translates to "Air and Water", the two universal forces that sustain life.

The Feng Shui basic five (5) elements, these are considered to be the building blocks of everything physical on earth. We are generally most comfortable when all the (5) elements are represented in our surrounding.

It focuses on arranging the (5) elements to take advantage of the earth's natural energy - KI- which delights both the senses and the soul, it will raise the market appeal, therefore raise the real estate value.

Because everyone's living space is different, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to Feng Shui, but the areas deemed to be the most important to Feng Shui are the Entryway, Living room, Kitchen, and Dining room,  these are main areas and will have the most impact on a buyer.

Sellers need to realize that the Feng Shui ambience is all-important to buyers.

The five elements:
1. Wood: creativity and growth
     All buyers like the wood flooring. The wood flooring offers a look that can be contemporary or traditional based on color, pattern and length and width of boards, beautiful area rugs atop them add accent and personalization.
     Plants are a must-have, good Feng shui indoor plants are: lucky bamboo, jade plant, peace lily, pothos and pilea.

2. Fire: leadership and boldness
    Represented by the color red, add a splash of red color in your space. Whether that's through a rug, artwork,
 candles, collection of accessories, or red front door. 

3. Earth: strength and stability
    Represented with yellow and earth tones. Examples are: RED BRICK, ceramic, terracotta pot, yellow flowers.

4. Metal: focus and order
    Represented in the color of gray, white/pastels. It is found in all metals such as copper, gold tone, silver, brass.

5. Water: inspiration
    Represented by the color of blue and dark tones. Good examples are fresh flowers, crystal vase, water feature like water fountain in front.

Balance (2) energies to build your space
     Yin : nighttime, coolness and quiet
     Yang: sun, sociability and heat

You can change the feeling of space by playing with these (2) energies.