What does the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui have to do with real estate?
Feng Shui translates to "Air and Water" the two universal forces that sustain life.

Good Feng Shui is based on the concept of "ENERGY (KI)" flows in, throughout, around land and homes.

Good Feng Shui has the potential to up the energetic ante of a property, which delights both the senses and the soul, it will raise the market appeal, therefore raise the real estate value.

The basic (5) elements, these are considered to be the building blocks of everything physical on earth. We are generally most comfortable when all the (5) elements are represented in our surrounding.

1. Wood:
     All buyers like the wood flooring. Hardwood flooring offers a look that can be contemporary or traditional based on color, pattern and length and width of boards, beautiful rugs atop them add accent and personalization.

2. Fire:
 Represented by the color red, you love the color red but not sure how to add this bold shade to your space?
Below are a few tips:
Fireplace, bright red painting, sculpture, pottery, candles, red flowers and red front door is more than just eye catching-is said to draw KI into the home.

3. Earth: 
Represented with yellow and earth tones. Examples are: brick, ceramic, terracotta pot with brown soil, yellow flowers.

4. Metal: 
Represented in the color of gray, white/pastels. It is found in all metals such as copper, gold tone, silver, brass.

5. Water:
Represented by the color of blue and dark tones. Good examples are fresh flowers with crystal vase, water feature like water fountain in front.

Feng Sgui has nothing to do with superstition, religion, or astrology. It is strictly the art or science of living in harmony with environment.