Most Popular Asked Questions

Q. Do I list with the biggest Real Estate Company or do I go with small Company Pay Less Realty?
  • The Company SIZE or Company NAME makes NO difference to the potential Buyers.The majority of Buyers begin their home search on-line. and are the popular sites. It is important that the agent list the property in the MLS, the NJMLS (New Jersey Multiple Listing Service) levels the playing field.
Q.  An office with a lot of agents meant those agents would all be trying to sell my home, it's not true?
  • That is not true, the key difference is the AGENT makes, not the office.

Q. What is NJMLS?
  • A Multiple Listing Service is a set of business behaviors among RE Brokers. The MLS network is designed to assist in the cooperation, commission split, and leading to the sale. In fact, large portions of RE transactions are a results of direct MLS exposure.
Q. The "commission split" how does it work?
  • Listing Broker usually cooperate with other Brokers by offering to pay part of their commission, this is referred to as the "commission split". The (2) Brokerages usually split 50/50, but I offer co-op Broker a HIGHER amount as a marketing tool to attract more Buyer's agent to the property.
Q. A Broker will list in the MLS, and their fee is much less. Should I select the Broker?
  • No, there are lot more to selling a home besides listing in the MLS. The marketing agent will dedicate not just getting the house to sell but to causing the house to sell for more.
  • The fee should be based on individual agent skills and END results, not all agents are alike.
Q. What is your Marketing Strategy?
  • We do hold various Home related Seminars on regular basis for the developments of educated Buyers. It's the connection and spheres of influence, NOT the Company Name, makes a direct impact on sale.
Q. Other Company said they will provide great service, how about you?
  • Agent should not boast about service.....THE FULL SERVICE is absolutely given.

Q. My house didn't sell, the listing "Expired" was it the Price?
  • No, it isn't always the price. Overall marketing is the overall reason. You should relist with me, I will start with totally different marketing approach.

Q. As a Seller's agent, how will you respond to a Low Offer?
  • A low offer is better than no offer. I will effectively invite all offers, creates a comfortable atmosphere to begin...end with Win/Win.

Q. How would the FengShui Art help to sell the property?
  • FengShui is ancient Design-Art in Asia promotes a sense of well  being and harmonious balance within a space, thus residents enjoy the house in its maximum potential. Usually it takes only a few re-adjustment , but the FengShui impression can be extremely rewarding. Sellers have only one chance to make a great first impression!
Q. What is your fee? 
  • With 27 years of experience, FengShui staging skill, marketing skill and negotiating skill, I deserve a higher fee than the average which is about 5-6%, but my fee is Less.

Q. What if we want to sell on our own (for sale by owner)?
  • I strongly recommend that seller not try to sell on your own. Seller makes more money with Pay Less Realty represent because we find the best, the right Buyer, not just a Buyer, which in turn can lead to higher net figures to seller.